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Flux Particle Theory
by James Cranwell

Everything in the Universe is made from one type of thread.
All workings of the Universe are result from said thread.


Check out de Broglie waves...

They explain the baboonery with an example that is mindbogglingly correct.... strings.
It even looks like a section of the string mesh cage I have been talking about.

The example is actually (inadvertently) the way things are really working

Electron is traveling at about 2,200 kilometers per second?

Although the electron mesh cage is connected to the tension field in space it would not have the same tension and therefore speed of vibration (what they think an electron is) because it is in its own spherical package.

The tension of space goes from space right to the center of the electron (on one string) then right out the other side to the proton (on another string).

The other 18 electrons strings (radii) are in an agglomerate of their own. That is also dividing up the tension thereby reducing speed.

They would also have a larger mass because the electron strings band together in 3 groups of 6 (for octet).

And the string length is shorter because of the twist connection and that also adds a little more mass to the string section.


((the speed of light^2) * .1 * electron mass) / Ångström = 8.18710414 × 10^-5 newtons

(((the speed of light / 100)^2) * .1 * electron mass) / Ångström = 8.18710414 × 10^-9 newtons

8.18710414 × 10^-5 newtons / 8.18710414 × 10^-9 newtons = 10,000


(((10,000/18)/6)/2)/(4/3) = 34.7222222
about 35 times less tension
 TL = mc^2

My theory is that we are pulling information out of the ether and that the brain does not contain learned information or memories. It stored in a universal information system that we constantly pull from. In this Library of information everything exists, all information. The different parts of the brain process this information. I believe that is where the sixth sense/intuition comes from. You are channeling information from the ether. You neurons are wired to point to pieces of information.
Einstein rejected this idea because it was too spooky for him and he thought the universe would seem less beautiful if it were true. Although he did think it was a possibility. Plato and Aristotle were both big believers in this idea.

I believe something like this also. At any given moment the Ether has a massive amount of information in it but I don't think the Ether is storing information itself. Information can be stored elsewhere though. Everyone's brain is connected through the Ether like field (actually a particle field) so there is actually a universal mind. Some can access it better than others, especially great minds and I've noticed some assorted musicians. And also maybe some can leave an imprint on others? Something like that could explain reincarnation... a big chunk of your spirit (or being) is imprinted somehow in others than you die and when you come back as another person somehow your neurons point to pieces of information needed (like you said). You wouldn't actually be aware of what's happening though?

An analogy would be like a cell phone network. There is a massive amount of information in signals coursing through the airwaves but they are not being stored in the air... it's a constant update.

Everything including thoughts are just vibrations and just about everything can store and transmit vibrations.

At this level the idea of a physical existing "thing" goes away altogether. The electron is like the center of gravity of a solid ball, Its a mathematical point. If we know the distance between two centers of gravity and the total mass concentrated at each point we dont really need the idea of the physical balls to describe the attraction between them. Think of the electron as a drum membrane that has just been struck and is now undulating. Now wrap that membrane around into a sphere. The center of gravity of the membrane is somewhere on its surface, where exactly, we do not know.

No, the electron is not like that.
Think of all the things you can be absolutely sure an electron is doing, like... storing and releasing energy (vibrations) in exacting amounts and frequencies
They are also what must be holding atoms to other atoms.
And in elements they form in the exact pattern(s) needed. etc.
A point is not going to do all that (plus a lot more).
A point can spin, move in a straight line or remain at rest.
A point cannot vibrate.
And since everything would absolutely have to be connected, the only way something could "spin" and remain connected is
with universal joints or some kind of axle. That means "spin" is eliminated and the point in question can only move in a straight line or remain at rest.

An electron cannot be a "vague" thing.

Strings (not the string theory type) easily explains everything. Nothing else is even in the ballpark.

TL = mc^2

There is a particle field in space that is responsible for everything and it conveys vibrations. That's what energy is.
It is what Einstein called space-time.
If you have electrons (string particles) wrapped around a nucleus they can temporally hold / store vibrations. (see
image below, the diagram they made using strings to explain something else is actually correct (it really is strings))

The electrons are attracted to the protons in the nucleus, however as electrons are waves as well as particles, they cannot orbit closer than one whole wavelength which is what stops the electron crashing into the nucleus. The certain distances you refer to are whole number multiples of the wavelength which the electron will orbit in if it has the right amount of energy to do so.

If an electron was to orbit at anything other than a multiple of its wavelength e.g. half, 1 + half then the peaks and troughs would end up overlapping and you would get two troughs cancelling each other out i.e. the electron would cease to exist at that point, which makes no sense and thus doesn't happen!

Note: Electrons are not waves nor particles but both, there is nothing in the macroscopic world that is exactly analogous to an electron. It is simply something different of which we have no experience. Some experiments it acts like a particle and other experiments it acts like a wave. But it is neither and both at the same time!! Weird but wonderful!!

Yes, but that is implies the previous orbit path is remembered?
How many previous paths are remembered and disallowed?

Why would that even matter?
Why can't the electron orbit at any speed and wavelength?
There must be a physical reason why the electron crests and troughs have to line up.
If there were only a force and an electron... the electron would be able to whiz around at any speed any wavelength like a spirograph pattern.

Everything is inert.

The only stored energy in an atom is the vibrations traveling around the electron strings mesh type cage.

The connections can also be right or left handed twist corkscrews... clockwise / counter clockwise

The string unballing is what is mistaken as an electron.
Any disruption in the field is a vibration / energy.

It is kind of like if you had a guitar string with tension on it and added a millimeter instantly to the length… it would make the string vibrate.

Everything -- including the strings -- is inert.

Everything inside atoms (protons / neutrons) is inert.
Electrons do have some vibrational energy from the strings... but the massive release is from tension on the field strings.
Every inert proton / neutron can "unball" and commandeer (have the strings pulled (snapped to)) the size of an atom.
The electrons would not be confined in their shells either and also create new particles of space (the field).

If you remove everything from space there would be absolutely nothing in space.
Space itself, the emptiness, the void (of course) would still be there.

Einstein is correct and Flux Particle Theory confirms it.
Energy is released when an inert atom unwinds creating a new pocket (or unit) of space..


[3] Flux Particle Theory & Why the Speed of Light is "C"
  Authors: Seamus McCelt
  Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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The particle itself would be just the grey threads in the picture (no color and a lot thinner of course).
It would fit perfectly inside of a dodecahedron.
Actual thread (or string) length is about one Ångström and it is fine enough were 10 strings (20 radii) could curl-up into the size of a neutron.

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